About Me

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My Why

Hey, I’m Michelle, home-grown in the Midwest and a former secondary math teacher turned stay-at-home wife & mom of three children 12, 13, and 15 yrs old.  I’m part of an amazing tribe of women who are also a little obsessed with YLEO’s.  They inspire me to learn and grow, and strive to be a little better than I was yesterday.  It’s been a fun journey with my EOHQ Lemon Dropper crew!

I get my creative juices flowing by cooking & cocktailing and integrating my love of essential oils into our daily lives.  It’s been especially fun to use them in drinks ranging from smoothies & seltzers, to martinis and margaritas.  The health benefits are undeniable, and I’ll be sharing with you some of the specific products I use that are my must-have favorites.  Taking good care of yourself is the perfect excuse to “bring your essential oils to the party” and have fun with it!

I'm a Young Living Lemon Dropper

I’m a Young Living Lemon Dropper

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